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You Too Can Become a Champion from only

$ 3,999.00 inc GST.+ shipping (ex Sydney warehouse)
CHEETAH® Kart package includes: 125cc Water Cooled 28HP race engine AKA approved to race Open Performance, TAG, TAG Restricted and Junior Performance as well as recreational fun, 4 spot brakes, MG AKA Homologated tyres , DID Chain, new style body kit, suede steering wheel, billet alloy components.....and much much more <click here to find out>

Midget/Rookie Karts from only $ 2,499.00 inc GST.+shipping (ex Sydney warehouse)

Paul - 2010 QLD Titles

SQ Racing - Welcome to Karting Direct

ONLY $34.95 inc GST
WHY PAY $ 52.00 elsewhere